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Dec 7, 2013 6:05pm EST
president nelson rockefeller. did that for a long time, as i say, and started out--the first five years i loved it. the next three years i tolerated it. the final three years i hated it. it had nothing do with--with--with my boss. it was that i wanted to write my own books. and finally, rather late in life i would say, in my 40s, i started writing my own histories and biographies. c-span: i counted in the front part of the book that this would be your ninth book. did we miss any? >> guest: not that i'm going to admit to. yes, these... c-span: you--you wrote in '94 about nuremberg, in '91 about william casey... >> guest: right. c-span: ... in '98 about edward r. murrow... >> guest: yeah. c-span: ... in '90--in '79, "piercing the reich: the penetration of nazi germany by american secret agents during world war ii." how much of that book led to what you're doing here? >> guest: well, it--it led to a sense of confidence that i could write reasonably well about intelligence. and i--i did that book. an--another book that dealt with intelligence was casey, william j. casey, who subsequently beco
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1